“To work with Lampadinha is, before anything, to learn. Even considering the experience I have, his professional and musical views make me surprised and confident. I believe we have worked together on 20 different projects and they were all joyful and successful”

Arnaldo Saccomani
Record producer Songwriter Sao Paulo - Brazil

His professionalism and knowledge in audio and video productions is outstanding. His work ethic and his passion for his profession is contagious. Four Grammys awards are a sign of his dedication and determination.

Henrique do Valle
Director / Owner Powertracks Production New York - NY

“Besides being “The” producer, “The” recording, mixing and mastering engineer etc… Lampadinha is a brand in itself. Yes, a brand that assures the quality on everything he does. This is a stand out characteristic that few achieve. Great world artist achieved this status by being able to become big brands. This is fundamental besides musical talent. How many bands could have musical talent to reach the top like Kiss, Rolling Stones, Metallica, U2 or AC/DC did? Maybe many bands could’ve gotten there… But they weren’t able to forge their own identity; they couldn’t establish their own brand.

It represents a lot to people seeing a name, logo and symbol. Lampa has got it. Lampadinha is a brand nowadays. A brand that guarantees quality assurance, professionalism and a lot of success… Always!
Lamp rules!”

Luiz Fernando Vieira
Musician / Singer / Songwriter / Sao Paulo - Brazil

“Lampadinha is a true professional in every way. His technical skills are top notch. He brings a lot of experience and technical knowledge to the table and a musician’s ear for what each project should sound…and FEEL like. Always with a positive attitude Lampadinha is fun and a pleasure to work wit”

Mauricio Paolone
Mixing engineer Fox Networks Los Angeles - CA

“Lampadinha is an extremely careful and passionate person regarding his job. To work with him is a f*ing great learning and productive studio experience. No to mention he is always on a good mood. Having a good mood is one of the most important things while working and this is the kind of thing few people notice”

Lucas Silveira
Musician / Singer Songwriter Sao Paulo - Brazil

“I clearly remember when my band NxZero was an independent band. We used to go to the studio with our own money, but we didn’t exactly knew what was like to record an album and at the end we ended up making many mistakes. Do you know why? Because we didn’t have a “Lampadinha” at the time. It’s part of his work ethic not letting even one little guitar riff mistake pass thru! I also have memories from our first record released when he wouldn’t allow any recording mistake, while making us feel very confident about our work! To work with Lampadinha is uplifting and we learn a lot from him. The coolest thing is that he is very humble to the point of upsetting you :)! I am interested in the technical side, so I remember that any questions that I would have he was always there to give me an answer and help with the little details, and the most incredible thing is that I would understand him – LOL! Well, you are always gonna find him wearing a hoodie shorter than his t-shirt – LOL, but he is the person how’s part of NxZero results =) Thank you for everything Lampadinha and sorry if I wrote too much, but I have to thank you for everything you’ve done for NxZero and also for being this great professional that you are!
BIG hug to you”

Gee Rocha
Musician / Singer Songwriter Sao Paulo - Brazil

“A calm person that seem to be on a constant transcendental meditation state. With the looks of a Tibetan guru or a Robert Crumb’s graphic novel character – Lampadinha is one of those guys that never goes unnoticed. When you have a more intimidate relationship with him you start to notice touches of irony on this Zen smile. If a guest has the honor of working with him, he will find more things about this instigating character: sweetness, kindness and life joy (something rare on these grey times we are living in) and, most importantly, of great competence. Don’t get fooled by Lampadinha’s “beatnik” looks if you are a new comer, since his is one of the best and most competent producer and sound engineer that has been heard of. I’ve worked with him and I know what I am talking about. Inside that calm guru there is a wandering rocker ready to blow up a ferocious wave of decibels. This is Lampadinha – or Lamp to close ones. We from Titãs like him so much that we have added his voice on the beginning of many songs. When on a concert, it is Lamp who whispers in our ears right before we play a song: one, two, three…”

Tony Bellotto
Musician / Singer Songwriter / Writer Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

“Lampadinha has a resume that looks like a how-too book for success in the music industry.
Millions of records sold, multiple Grammys, involvement with some of the the most legendary Brazilian albums of the last 30 years, and the list could go on and on…… These achievements come not only from his impeccable professionalism but also because of that X-factor. Lampadinha is an incredible individual. With his quirky name, big attitude and massive heart he has become the guy everybody wants to work with. In my eyes all of this coupled together has made Lampadinha a living legend in the audio world”

Brendan Duffey
Producer/Engineer Norcal Studios Davis - CA

“There are two very dangerous extremes on this decade’s Rock. The first one is about the indie/retro irrelevance and all this inner self talk while refusing to argue with the world around you. The other extreme is about being shallow and just throwing what the audience wants (or think they want), almost like opening a restaurant or a clothing store. Meanwhile, Lampadinha has been pursuing the hardest and most rewarding path, the one that is able to communicate and get to the streets without compromising information or a vision of present and future. This is a good fight he has been fighting.”

Ricardo Alexandre

“Lampadinha is a professional in every way.

He is fast on the keys and his ideas are brilliant working with artists”

Jason Deere
Record producer Songwriter / Musician Nashville -TN

“I’ve been friends with Lamp for many years. He’s one of the rare guys who knows his way around the recording studio, tracking and mixing as we all as doing great live sound (concerts). We’ve worked in both environments together and I’m always happy with the results, not to mention he’s a great hang. Most importantly, he cares about the job being done right, his part and anyone else working with him. That’s priceless”

Eric Silver
Musician / Songwriter Nashville -TN


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