What is a DDP Image?
What is a PMCD Image?
What is a CDDB?
What is the CD Text?
What is the ISRC Code?
What is a Sstem Mix?
How can I make Stem Mixes?
How can i send the information to CDDB?
I am playing the CD on my computer and can not see any the names on it!
Can you add the ISRC and CDDB on the mastering process?
What kind of material do i get after my project has been mastered?
How long does it take to do the master?
Mastering for iTunes.
But what does it mean mastering for iTunes?
Can i send my project on a mp3 format for mastering?
What is the ideal format to send my project for mastering?
What is the mix ideal volume when sending it for mastering?
Should i apply limiters, equalizers or compressors on the final mix?


How long does it take to mix a song?
Vocal tunning and editing are done while mixing?
Should I send a rough mix?
Should I record vocals with compressor and effects?
Should I record bass and guitar with effects and distortion?
What does reamp means?
How to name my files for mixing, should I?
How do I send my project for mixing?
In what kind of format should I send my tracks for mixing?
Can one be present during the mixing?
Do you charge by hour or song?
What is the price of your services?
How many alterations (Recalls) can I have after the first mix has being delivered?
Why are you called Lamps?


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